Bed Bug Removal Guide

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What If I Told You I Can Help You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself In A Matter of Hours?

Are you exhausted & sick of waking up to new bed bug bites?

Going to sleep wondering if you will be feed on tonight?

Tired of cleaning up bloodied sheets, Bed bug droppings & dead bed bugs?

If the thought of an expensive exterminator causes you stress — Suppose suddenly you discovered a proven method to get rid of bed bugs yourself?

Have you ever thought about how to get rid of bed bugs yourself— Sadly without proven methods, it’s harder than it sounds

I had bed bugs back in 2011, It was a disgusting problem that I felt ashamed to have — worst yet if you can’t afford an exterminator you’re stuck in your situation — What Would You Do — If you had no choice other than to get rid of bed bugs yourself?

If you’ve tried finding a solution online, you have probably heard that:

1. You need to throw out you mattress & sheets

2. You need to hire an exterminator.

I suppose throwing out your stuff sounds even more expensive than hiring an exterminator — But don’t worry I have the solution.

While I was staying at my girlfriend’s apartment — I was lucky enough to have a chance meeting with the superintendent of her building. As you could imagine — I had to muster up the courage to awkwardly admit to having a bed bug problem — but after I did, he told about a step by step blueprint to help you get rid of bed bugs yourself — Permanently!

Your Options Are Simple:

  • You could hire an exterminator — At A Cost Hundreds?
  • You can use the dangerous chemicals & Guides available with No proper Instruction…
  • Do Nothing — While Your Bed Bug Infestation Grows? — You Wouldn’t Be Here If You Weren’t Looking For The Right Information To Take Action!


This simple guide lays out a proven step-by-step blueprint for you to get rid of bed bugs permanently and to ensure they won’t come back!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Bed Bugs Treatment Secrets Revealed:

  • Bed bug removal secrets compiled and found ONLY in this guide
  • Step-by-step methods to eliminate an existing bed bug infestation in any home or apartment
  • Easy-to-follow instructions on how to protect yourself from bites while sleeping, before your infestation is removed.
  • WARNING: Something you should NEVER do when dealing with bed bugs …
  • 5 simple keys to saving HUNDREDS of dollars from useless exterminator treatments
  • One little-known tip to detect where bed bugs are hiding, more effective than exterminators and even trained dogs!
  • 10 time-tested and proven strategies to get rid of ANY bed bug infestation QUICKLY and NATURALLY
  • 16 university-tested and scientifically proven chemicals for every specific bed bug scenario (mattresses, indoor spaces, frames etc.) to use only for the most severe bed bug infestations. While we will focus on natural remedies, I wanted to include this because no one else has this! Much, much more…
  • Bed Bugs Treatment Secrets Revealed is ideal for just about any situation. Here’s why:
  • This natural method works without chemicals. What this means to you is not having to worry about exposing yourself, your family, and pets to toxic chemicals.
  • This guide details methods that are 100% organic.
  • This guide requires no pest control experience. If you are like me – not a professional exterminator – this is perfect.


Here’s the deal…

This has helped hundreds of people already … and it WILL help you.


This is a digital e=book that can be downloaded instantly so you can take action immediately. Since I don’t have to pay to print actual books and then pay to ship them, this e-book is priced to help you!

Have you seen all the news stories lately about bed bug infestations? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one suffering. Since this season has been so bad for bed bugs, I have decided to lower the price from $39.99 down to only $24.97, so anyone can take advantage of this.

FREE Tool To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself

  • Use rubbing alcohol & a brush to kill & get rid of the bed bugs yourself. You soak the alcohol into the brush & scrub away all the visible bed bug eggs. The alcohol will kill new & old bed bugs eggs that are visible. As the alcohol seeps into the mattress it will effectively kill bed bug eggs embedded in the fibers of your mattress.
  • You may also use ammonia, alcohol & moth balls by mixing them together. When you mix them together in a spray bottle they create a special solvent which will help you toward being able to get rid of bed bugs yourself. Once these items are mixed, you want to take off all sheets & bedding. You spray down your bed with the mixed substance in the bottle. (including corners, & the underside of the bed)
  • While getting rid of bed bugs yourself, you want to make sure you take the proper precautions. A box of disposable gloves & a mask are essential items before you attempt to get rid of bed bugs yourself. When doing this process, make sure to wear a mask. Ammonia in large doses has a strong vapor. If you inhale too much ammonia, there is a slight chance of ammonia poisoning.
  • Separate the items that may be exposed to bed bugs (clothes, sheets, etc.) & wash them in extremely hot water(110degrees+). Bed bugs perish in hot environments. They love body temperature. That is why they are mostly found in beds are sofas because your body heat attracts them.
  • By exhaustively steaming your clothes, comforters, & sheets you can get rid of bed bugs yourself. Steam any stuffed animals. These items have areas where bed bugs can hide. Bed Bugs may like body heat, but temperatures in excess of 110 degrees kill them.
  • Another way to get rid of bed bugs yourself is vacuuming all mattresses, walls & carpets. Make sure all corners of the mattress are vacuumed for bed bugs that may be hidden in the seams & edges.
  • Steaming your carpets before vacuuming can also be used as a way to get rid of bed bugs yourself. It kills the bed bugs — be sure to get the corners & edges of walls.
  • Properly seal any cracks in your floors & walls. If you live in an apartment, bed bugs can move from one apartment to the next through broken seals & cracks.
  • To completely ensure that you did get rid of bed bugs yourself, empty your dressers, inspect your sofas, cushions, pillows, & chair arms to closely check for bed bugs or its’ eggs.
  • Bed bugs love to come out at night, so if you feel a bite, be sure to have a flash light at hand. When you flash a light where you were bite, the bed bug usually tries to crawl away. Look in the direction of where it is crawling back. Before it fully gets away, make sure you kill it.
  • If you are inspecting your furniture & you still see more bed bugs, go through the steps again or you may need to throw away the furniture infested with the bed bugs immediately.
  • Before you buy new mattresses or furnishing you want to be 100% sure that your home is bed bug free. I have read many stories of people buying new furnishing only to have them newly infested by bed bugs still in the home.

Using this process, you will be able to get rid of bed bugs yourself — Yes it may take time, but it works. The thing about the bed bugs, when one area is being cleaned out, they move to other spots, so be sure to spray places that aren’t even infested with the bed bugs.

I know you may be a bit skeptical about using the ammonia, but if you do use ammonia, be sure to stay out of the area for about an hour. That way you cannot inhale it. You may even leave your house for a couple of hours. Remember, a small amount of ammonia is all that is needed to be mixed with the alcohol & moth balls — AGAIN rubbing alcohol & moth balls will consist of most of the mixture. That will decrease the risk of high ammonia vapors.

Note that this process can take some days & may not completely help you get rid of bed bugs yourself in one day.

How To Kill Bed Bugs