Facts: Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

I suppose when trying to find solutions to unanswered questions, most people tend to go online & do research. I did the same when my skin became irritated with bumps & I didn’t know why. We were in the middle of Fall so I was positive that it wasn’t mosquitoes & I’m not the kind of person who spends their afternoons in the park therefore the cause of my bumps was not ticks. I wanted to find answers as to what was causing these bumps. While searching online, one possible answer was bed bugs. I asked myself, “Where do bed bugs come from?” I imagine you yourself asked the same question & was brought here to find your answer to “Where do bed bugs come from?”


Before You Ask “Where do bed bugs come from?” Answer What are Bed Bugs?

Have you ever seen a bed bug? Bed bugs are small blood sucking parasites. Their colors usually range from light – brown to reddish – brown. Bed bugs are flat & oval in shape. Bed bugs can survive on both animal & human blood. Its name “Bed Bug” derives from their favorite “attack spot”. Contrary to the name, bed bugs can also infest other pieces of furnishing yet the bed is the most common place. Bed bugs feed on human & animal blood by piercing the skin of its host & drinking blood through its straw-like mouth. Bed bugs can grow as big as 5 mm when fully engorged on your blood. Now that you know what bed bugs are, the next question is “where do bed bugs come from?”

Exactly Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Imagine having bed bugs, the first thought would honestly be where these bugs would come from. In reality, there are an infinite number of bed bug causes. Have you ever visited a place that was new to you? Have you ever ridden on public transportation? Then you have possibly been to a place where bed bugs come from. Like lice, bed bugs can easily travel from one place to another & spread. Something as mundane traveling aboard could be the cause for your particular infestation. Bed bugs climb into people’s luggage, attach onto their clothes & cling onto places where they cannot be seen. Trains & airplanes are places where bed bugs come from. Packages & boxes have acted as transports for bed bugs. Remember, bed bugs are small insects that latch on to anything they can get their hind legs on. Thrift store goods & antique furniture are the typical answers to “where do bed bugs come from?” Bed bugs can live for up to a year without food, which is why home furnishings used & new are typically the best hiding spots for bed bugs.

There truly is an almost infinite amount of answers to the question “where do bed bugs come from?” Simply having a friend or neighbor visit could be how the parasite got into your home. By sitting on your couch or bed, that person has potentially infested your furniture. Small openings & cracks in your floors or walls are other answers as to where do bed bugs come from. If you live in an apartment building, there is a great possibility that the parasite can crawl through small cracks & enter the apartment via the apartments immediately adjacent to your own. Bed bug treatments in one section of the building can cause the bed bugs to seek a new home. Bed bugs can also crawl through vents. Before jumping to conclusions, you must honestly consider more than one place as to where do bed bugs come from. The laundry mat is a place where these parasites can cling to your clothes. Because they can survive in different temperatures, ranging from forty degrees to eighty degrees, cleaning your infested sheets would not get rid of bed bugs easily. Bed bugs can spread through the washing machines & even the folding areas where they can attach themselves to people’s belongings. Once in your home bed bugs waste no time to lay their eggs & spread.

I can suppose a scenario which may make the concept of “where do bed bugs come from” easier to understand — traveling from New York to Atlanta by train. You have just entered the train & taken your seat which was cleaned right before people arrived on the train. You set your carry on down on the floor to allow the passenger next to you to take their seat. Everyone is on the train & it has left the station. Your trip takes eighteen hours & the next day you have arrived in Atlanta. Your friend who you are visiting comes to pick you up at the station & he brings his friend along. After loading your luggage into the car, the new friend offers his front seat to you. You take the offer & then you all drive home. Your trip was long & uncomfortable so as soon as you come in, you go to your bed & fall asleep in the same clothes you arrived in. Later that evening, your friend comes in, sits on your bed, & talks to you about your plans for the two weeks ahead. A week later you find out you have bed bugs. Here are some possible ways for you to consider when wondering “Where do bed bugs come from?”

You could’ve gotten it from another passenger on the train that had bed bugs & those bugs latched onto your clothes, carry on, or gotten inside your luggage. It could’ve also come from a previous passenger who had bed bugs & was seated in your “clean” seat.

The new friend could’ve had bed bugs & because you sat in the same seat, the parasite crawled onto your clothes.

By sleeping in the same clothes you traveled with, it is a possibility that the bed bugs from the train or car gotten onto your clothes & is now on the bed.

Your friend who was possibly exposed to bed bugs by his friend could’ve also spread it onto your bed by sitting on it.

There are many ways in which bed bugs can enter your home. We may never know exactly, “where do bed bugs come from?”


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